June 7, 2022

How Digital Signage and Video Walls Benefit You Today

What is the significance of using digital signage and video wall technology?

Digital signage and video walls bring new life to any commercial or educational environment. The impact of static signage has become ineffective. Digital signage and video walls, on the other hand, are designed to catch the attention of consumers and/or visitors and deliver specific and targeted messages that are custom designed. A digital signage or video wall display can show graphics, video, and other content on repeat or static images in a rotation of content.  

Allowing Creativity and Limitless Potential

As screens and hardware have greater availability than before, a broader range of customers are able to enter the digital signage/video wall market. The rates for video walls have become more attainable and are resulting in an increased demand. Everyone from large retailers to small start-ups, large higher education institutions to smaller local schools have the ability leverage this high-impact technology for themselves.

The incredible creative potential of a video wall or digital signage is limitless. With multiple high-resolution screens integrated with video wall or digital signage software, end users can accomplish nearly anything they desire. Fast-moving graphics, compelling storylines, and impactful text and audio are all within reach. Unlike single, stand-alone digital screens, video walls let end users really get creative with content.

Comfortability with Interactive Technology

Today, consumers are becoming more increasingly comfortable with interactive technology. After all, they use it at home every day—why shouldn’t they also encounter it when shopping, dining, during hospital visits, sports events and more. New video walls and digital signage incorporate interactivity to engage with consumers and/or visitors in new and exciting ways. Having an inactive experience causes users to feel more at home and more likely to visit again.

It’s not entirely uncommon for a 100-foot video wall or a simple digital signage board to include interactive capabilities. Allowing users to control aspects of the display through touch, motion sensing or their mobile devices enables a completely collaborative experience.

Variety of Options

The enormous variety of video wall hardware now available is pushing end users to re-imagine digital signage in general. Screens now come in rectangles, squares and circular shapes that can be hung and tilted in any direction. Before long, they’ll be available in any shape imaginable, which frees up the possibilities even more.

Now, digital signage is no longer simply an information medium. Video walls are turning into art that not only advertises a particular brand, but also sets a certain mood and creates a particular emotional response. After all, that is the power of digital media.

Longevity and Return on Investment

If super-sized video walls can promote sustainability, shouldn’t all digital signage devices be able to? A growing number of displays now boast low power requirements and low heat. This not only enables end users to leverage more screens for less money; it also lets them minimize their energy costs. When digital signage starts becoming sustainable, your customers can more easily realize a return on investment. And for those who have sustainability as a goal, video walls are opening a whole new world of possibility.

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