There is nothing better than getting new clothes, shoes, and school supplies for the start of a new school year and showing them off to your classmates. It’s not often a school itself gets to show off its new digs, but that is exactly what happened for Putnam City North, home field to one of 3 Putnam City high schools in Oklahoma City, OK.

Planning for this major technology improvement began in early 2017, in which the school board contracted with AV integrator Video Reality to handle all construction and installation.

Most scoreboards are a hybrid mix that features a traditional scoreboard with an LED matrix to display stats, highlight plays, communicate important messages and promote sponsors. However, the school board was eager to have a more efficient one that would reduce power consumption, lower costs in maintenance and repair as well as allow them to showcase more sponsors.

Featuring 40 tiles, the 33.5′ x 21′ video wall was installed in one week’s time, just before the start of school and the first home game. While the existing structure remained intact, Video Reality did install new framing. In addition to the tiles, Video Reality installed a Novastar processor and Roland VR 50 HD mixer with fiber lines running beneath the stadium.

Before students and staff came back from summer break, Putnam City North’s traditional scoreboard went through a complete LED upgrade featuring Absen’s Fixed Outdoor X16 LED solution.

“Currently it’s the largest LED board installed at a high school in the entire state,” says Chris Tower, President of Video Reality. “However, that stat won’t remain for long. We are seeing strong growth in scoreboards being either converted to or built as full LED boards thanks to all of the same advantages Putnam City school board is now realizing.”


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