March 14, 2022

The Current State of House of Worship A/V

With COVID restrictions slowly lifting, more and more people are emerging from their homes and getting back to normal. But what is normal anymore?

Many houses of worship opted to have live streaming and conduct service almost completely virtually during the height of the pandemic. But as more re-enter to their normal lives, prior to quarantine and restrictions, audio visual systems have become not only a requirement but an absolute necessity.

In religious organizations, the audio and visual elements are just as important to the worship as the worship leader and musicians. The responsible and respectful inclusion of audio visual equipment into a worship service can create an engaging experience for worshippers. Proper lighting can add contrast, depth and dimension and appropriate graphics, music and video elements can also lend an additional layer of engagement during the service whether in person or live streamed.

One crucial role the house of worship A/V team plays is not to be seen or heard. Whether from technical failure or human error, mistakes during a worship service can negatively impact the service. Audio levels that are unbalanced, too low or too high can be a distraction, as can interfering frequencies and audio spikes that create a “pop” sound. Even a quality sound system can perform poorly if an inexperienced person uses speakers, microphones and soundboards incorrectly. Having a system that is completely cohesive and streamlined can keep those “failures” and “errors” a thing of the past.

As the need for technology increases in nearly every facet of our lives, even more so now than ever before it’s necessary for more and more religious organizations to consider adding audio visual equipment to their worship services. A complete audio visual package including camera systems, microphones, speakers, soundboards and most importantly control, can enable the mission of the church by increasing communication, growing the community and offering worshippers a contemporary way to engage in their worship services.

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