August 21, 2020

Distance Learning, Affordable and Easy to Use

As schools reopen, the fear of closure shortly thereafter is becoming a major concern. When schools closed their doors back in March, there was a scramble to get students prepared to complete the school year from home. And while educators rose to the occasion, these may have been short term options.

Distance learning is a new normal in the post-pandemic landscape. FrontRow Juno Connect is a product solution that will allow you to “unmask your voice” withing the classroom and beyond. When teachers and students begin gathering again, they’ll most likely need to wear PPE, accommodate social distancing guidelines and adapted to new collaboration techniques. Paired with a simple PTZ camera, teachers will be able to keep the classroom as normal as possible without loss of precious instruction time, regardless of where they will be teaching.

With the passing of the CARES Act, schools are looking for affordable solutions to keep the school year as less disruptive as possible. Video Reality is here to find the perfect solution for you, regardless of budget.