August 6, 2020

How Thermal Temperature Scanners Can Help Stop The Spread of Illness

(Protect98 Transit)

What exactly is a thermal temperature scanner and why would I need access to one?

Those might be some of the questions you ask yourself when coming upon an advertisement or product catalog displaying thermal temperature scanners. With the continued spread of illnesses, keeping those closest to you protected has become one of your main concerns. This outline of what the Protect98 and Protect98 Transit are and how they work will help you answer those questions and much more.

What is a thermal temperature scanner or sensor?

In short, it can help you monitor the temperature of incoming individuals fast, efficiently and with no contact necessary. It can be placed at the entry way of any location or close to a time clock for employees arriving for their shift. It can also be attached to buses to detect high fever before the individual steps foot on the vehicle. You can utilize the facial recognition software to connect to your access control system to prevent any unwanted arrivals and also use as face covering detection. The possibilities are endless.

Why would I need a thermal temperature scanner or sensor?

With the reopening of schools and people slowly returning to work, the biggest fear is the continued spread of illness. Detection of fever will be at the forefront of individuals entering these locations. Having someone stand at the front door taking temperatures all day can seem like a exhausting chore. So why not have a device that can take the pressure off and help you have more control over the situation.

Take a look at Oologah-Talala School District taking full advantage of the use of the Protect98

Whether you need a simple temperature check or a full facial recognition and mask detection, Video Reality is ready to provide you a front of the line defense in stopping the spread of illnesses.