*Photo pulled directly from livestream



Our overall goal is to always provide a high-quality audio and video experience that looks professional and is aesthetically pleasing. The control system should also be easy to use and intuitive for all users. That was certainly the case for Central Church Fellowship of Believers.

In the Sanctuary, 2 Da-Lite electric 133” diagonal screens were installed at the front with an NEC 7000 lumens projectors displaying to them. 10 QSC cut-in ceiling speakers were installed to cover the congregation with audio from the 2 SHURE wireless microphones and the source audio from video. A pan-tilt-zoom camera from Liberty AV and ceiling microphone will be used to capture audio and video for live streaming. USB connections for the streaming devices were placed in the built-in desk at the back of the Sanctuary. A 10” Crestron touch panel was installed at the desk in the back of the Sanctuary to control the volumes, on/off, input switching, and camera movement. All displays (Projectors, Sunday School Rooms, and the Digital Signage) can be programmed to go off at a certain time to prolong the life of the equipment.

The Fellowship Hall was installed with a large 193” diagonal screen with an 8000 lumens projector. This will be allow display of the same video from the Sanctuary on screen or work as an independent system with the HDMI input at the built-in desk. 12 ceiling speakers will be symmetrically spaced to cover the Fellowship Hall and to distribute audio evenly.


Central-Church-FoB-1-1.pdf (303 downloads )