September 27, 2021

Terra Verde Discovery School, Gymnasium

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Ceiling mounted pendant speakers (12) and subs (4) will provide the audio reinforcement for the main gym area. Cut in ceiling
speakers will be used on the patio, lobby, upstairs lounge, and bathrooms. Surface mounted speakers will be mounted on the
upstairs patio and on the south side of the large patio to cover the playing fields. Three sets of wireless microphones and an
extended antenna will provide microphone coverage for the whole gym area. A media player with AM/FM, CD, SD, USB, and
Bluetooth will be rack mounted for a variety of media options. Audio levels will be able to be adjusted independently in all the
zones of the gym and presets for different activities will be preprogrammed for ease of use. A network wall plate will provide
audio from the scorers table and the balcony area and have Bluetooth, 3.5mm, and RCA connections.

An 8000 Lumens laser projector will be rear projected onto the 14.5′ wide projection screen mounted above the front of the

A Crestron control system will be installed with a touch panel on stage and a touch panel in the upstairs area. Wireless iPad
control will be available for this system from an owner furnished iPad. This system will need to be on the school’s network for this
to function. Audio levels, video inputs and playback controls, and the screen will be controlled with the control system. Audio and
Video will be matrixed so that any audio or video can by distributed to any speaker zone or display.