June 24, 2022

Great Plains Analytical Services, INC.

Paging System and Video Conferencing


(1) SMART Board 7086R Pro series interactive display with iQ and SMART Meeting Pro

(1) Lumens VC-B30U 2MP PTZ Camera

(1) QSC Eight-channel Network Amplifier for the Q-SYS Platform

(2) Crestron 10.1 in. Tabletop Touch Screens

QSC AD-C6T 6.5-inch, 2-way, 135° conical DMT Speakers

QSC AD-P 2-Way Pendant Loudspeakers

AtlasIED 8″ Dual Cone Sound Masking Speaker with 4-Watt 70V Transformer and Enclosure Speakers

(2) Shure MX395 Microflex Low Profile Boundary Microphones

(1) Shure Microflex Standard Gooseneck Microphone

Conference Room:

An 86” SMART Board touch screen interactive display will be wall mounted. This display includes a built in PC to be used for
videoconferencing, as well as wireless casting capability. Below the display, a microphone array will
be mounted to allow for clear communication during videoconferencing. A PTZ camera to be used for videoconferencing will be mounted above the display. A 10” tabletop touch screen on the conference table will be used to control
the camera, audio levels, and video source selection. Ceiling speakers will be installed in an equally distributed fashion for best coverage in
the conference room.

Sound Masking:

Sound masking speakers will be installed above the ceiling tile grid in main hallway and rooms adjacent
to the conference room. These speakers emit an unobtrusive background sound designed to mask speech. This helps increase
privacy by reducing speech intelligibility. Low profile microphones will be mounted in ceiling grid in main hallway to measure ambient sound levels.

Paging and Background Audio:

Speakers will be installed in the following zones: (1) main hallway, lobby, & break room; (2) corridor, and (3) shop. Speakers in the
shop zone will be two (2) pendant speakers hung from ceiling. The paging station will have a desktop microphone and 7” tabletop touch screen. The user will use the touch panel to select a zone or zones to speak to initiate a public address and speak into the desktop microphone. The user will also use the touch panel to control the level of background audio from the music player being output over the speakers. Paging will also be routable to upstairs & outside speaker zones.


A total of eight (8) pendant speakers as well as a total of two (2) pendant subwoofers will be installed across the upstairs lounge,
golf area, and corridor for excellent sound coverage and clarity. A handheld wireless microphone will be installed, for upstairs sound reinforcement as well as paging to downstairs paging zones. A 10” touch screen will control paging and audio source control. The user will also be able to use the touch panel to page zones downstairs with
the handheld microphone.