October 6, 2022

Cherokee Nation – Gift Shop

 “Thank you for getting your team out there to complete the installation, your installation team was great to work with and they did a great job.”

System Details

Video System Samsung 55″ Smart TV/Display wall-mounted in the break room using a Chief wall mount.

Audio System Atlas dual-channel 400-watt power amplifier and a new Denon CD-Bluetooth media player installed in the cabinet under the counter in the 401 retail area. A total of twenty speakers installed using 14/2 gauge wire and tile bridges in the three separately marked zones, including the retail area (401), the ART retail area (402) and the Breakroom (407).

Control System Two 70v volume knobs installed in the ART Retail (402) in a two-gang box with a two-gang wall plate cover. A single 70v volume knob will be installed in the Breakroom (407) in a single-gang box with a single-gang wall plate cover.