June 28, 2022

Buffalo Trail, Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes

An extremely unique opportunity brought Video Reality to this “outside of the box” solution. The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes have miles of walking path in the Buffalo Trail where visitors can observe the Buffalo herd while learning from signage along the path. To make this experience more interactive, a station was needed along the path where audio could be played to compliment the informational sign.

Without requiring costly trenching and conduit for electricity, a system was designed around solar charging and a message playback system. A TOA digital message repeater, enclosed within a weatherproof box, is powered from a battery that is charged daily from the 100w solar panel. A JBL outdoor speaker is pole mounted with the solar panel to provide clear audio to visitors.  With this setup, literally any location can have a fun, interactive message without any infrastructure close by.