January 12, 2023

Afton Public Schools – HS Football Stadium

High School Football Stadium Audio System:

The existing pole speakers were deactivated and a new long-throw speaker (Community R2-52z) was installed, centered on
the top front of the press box, aimed and purposed to deliver clear audio to the Visitor side bleachers. Two speakers
(Community R.5-94z) were installed near the corners of the press box to cover the Home side stands. All new cabling was run
as well.

In the announcer’s booth, the following new equipment was installed in a new wall-mounted lockable rack:

  • Media Player – Marantz PMD-100CD– includes CD, Bluetooth, SD card, USB, Aux In and AM/FM Tuner
  • Audio Mixer – Denon DN-312X: A new table top microphone will be connected to this mixer as well as the Media player
  • A 2-channel, 600W/Channel amplifier – QSC GXD4
  • Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth streaming
  • Two Shure wireless handheld microphone systems with antenna system to eliminate “dead” spots.