Lab 5 underwent a makeover that transformed it into a collaborative teaching space with the help of Barco ClickShare.


Video Reality integrated 6 Spectrum student collaboration workstations around a central teacher’s Spectrum workstation that hosts an 86” SMART Interactive Flat Panel. Each collaboration workstation has its own monitor with wireless screen sharing capability. The teacher’s workstation has the capability to switch between its local presentation or any one of the chosen student workstations. A central audio system was also integrated to present audio from the teacher’s workstation and broadcast to each collaboration workstation.

The video system consists of 6 NEC C-series wall-mounted monitors accompanied by Barco collaborative learning display nodes and a video compositor. The nodes were allocated to the client’s network and the HDMI output from the compositor was converted to CAT6. A Barco Sharepod was also implemented to allow the ELMO Document Camera to be wirelessly shared to the displays throughout the collaborative learning space.

The Audio system is comprised of lay-in ceiling speakers tied directly into the teacher’s workstation allowing the system to play any audio source that is routed to the main display.

The teacher’s workstation was also integrated with a 10-inch Crestron control system paired with a room media controller allowing for full control of all displays and audio volume.

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