Video Reality helped bring Oklahoma City University’s Animation Lab to life using the latest equipment in audio/video and networking.  The Animation Lab gives students the opportunity to learn game design, 3D animation, CGI among other platforms.  OCU’s goal was to have an innovative and highly flexible matrix with the ability to easily route any input to any output.   Video Reality chose Crestron’s NVX platform as the backbone of the system.  Using network-based encoders and decoders, Video Reality was able to create an asymmetrical matrix that is scalable to any size.  Two RGB blacklit NEC 98” displays at the front of the room provide the main focal area for students.  Additionally, 3 student pods each with their own NEC 43” display can see their personal workstation, the instructor’s workstation, or any workstation in the lab.  The room is controlled from an intuitive 10” Crestron touch panel.  When not in use, the lab automatically transitions to a digital signage mode with color changing RGB LED lights to create an inviting atmosphere.

The room consists of 2 large NEC 98” displays at the front of the room as well at 9 NEC 43” displays mounted to the truss systems around the room.  The room is equipment with a Crestron NVX control system that allows content from each station to be send to multiple displays in the room.  There is an overhead audio system that allows for audio reinforcement from any source in the room. All of the equipment including the displays are on the network allowing for full control, monitoring, and management.  There is LED lightning that is located at the base of each truss as well as behind the 2 large 98” displays that is also fully controlled via Crestron for a unique and fun experience.

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