The goal of this project at the College of Law, at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, was to create completely unified collaboration spaces with ease of use. It’s aesthetically pleasing design offers a glimpse of the technological advances it offers.

In the ALC Classroom, eight 75″ NEC displays were installed on custom sliding mounting plates that allow the screens to move smoothly side to side along the wall. Decoders and encoders have been mounted to the back of the display on a sliding equipment shelf, to allow movement without constant rewiring. In the DIL Classroom, six 75″ NEC displays have been installed in a similar fashion within a smaller space.

Both rooms are equipped with ceiling array microphones from SHURE. An elegant approach to conferencing audio, MXA910 with IntelliMix eliminates all equipment clutter, leaving more room for clarity. Placed in each room is a professor lectern with a touch panel screen that allows full control. Front and back cameras are also connected to the lectern control panel to allow lesson recording and live streaming.


OU ALC & DIL Whitepage (262 downloads)